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New Workshops Scheduled!

Jason Everett
New Workshops Scheduled!
by Jason Everett - Thursday, April 19, 2012, 11:09 AM

Blending Technology and Improving Instruction
June 04, 2012 (7 days)
-- ODIE Registration Link
Available for Hastings College Credit

Description: Participants will be able to independently use their learning to design and deliver high-quality courses/units in a blended learning environment. We will learn to use "Understanding by Design" (UbD), which is a framework for improving student achievement.

UbD uses a backward design approach by focusing first on identifying desired outcomes, then determining appropriate assessments, and lastly, planning relevant, effective and engaging learning experiences both in the classroom and online. Participants will use Moodle and other collaborative technology tools in conjunction with UbD to create a blended learning experience.

Workshop Resources:
Syllabus, Online Course

Team Blue for LAN Managers
August 7th
- Odie Registration Link

Description: This workshop will provide LAN Managers an overview of Team Blue (a digital learning framework for a blended learning environment) and the technology infrastructure with hands on guidance in YAMS (user management), Liferay (Portal), Moodle (LMS), and Google Apps. We will dive into the management of each tool so LAN Managers are comfortable supporting their district using this framework.

Team Blue for Teachers
August 29th - Odie Registration Link
September 13th - Odie Registration Link

Description: Team Blue is a new way of thinking about teaching and learning in the classroom. This project combines the best we know about good instructional design and incorporates that with a solid technology infrastructure to support learning in a blended environment (both in the classroom and online.)

This workshop will provide an overview of the Team Blue framework from both the instructional design side as well as from the technology perspective. Using a unit of study brought with them, participants will design a blended learning environment for students that will include both in-class and online activities. We will use a variety of tools to accomplish this, including templates from Understanding by Design (UbD), hands-on technology use using a learning dashboard (Liferay), a learning management system (Moodle), and communication and collaboration tools (Google Apps). By the end of the workshop, teachers will have a unit of study they can facilitate both in the classroom and online.